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Brace yourselves.

The other day, I got an email from The Bump.

If you don’t know what that is, let me clue you in—it’s a website for mothers and mothers-to-be. ACK! I’m neither of those yet.

After working in the marketing world for a few years now, I could sort of figure out why I got the email. The Bump is connected to two other websites, The Knot (for newly married or engaged couples) and The Nest (for newly married or engaged couples that are making a home). I used The Knot to make our wedding website while we were engaged, so the company has my email address and tries to figure out at what point of my life I should be receiving which emails.

I guess they figure that The Bump is the next step in our lives. Slow your roll, The Bump. Slow…your…roll.

That was a long-winded way for me to get to the point(s) of this blog post:

  • I don’t have a baby, nor am I pregnant. (Someday hopefully though!)
  • I have a blog called The Kitten Kitchen. Duh, right? You’re reading this post right now.
  • I love my kitchen. Duh x2. This blog is about stuff I make in the kitchen.
  • I love cats. Duh x3. This blog is called The Kitten Kitchen and is thusly named because I have four cats, all of which are awesome and love to hang out with me while I’m making delicious foods in my kitchen.
  • My “kittens” are the closest thing I have to a baby, but way easier because I can leave them home whenever I want to go drink wine and Child Protective Services won’t knock on my door.

I still don’t get the point of this blog post, Daniele.

Okay, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to help you get to know the Cusentino “babies,” since they’re a big part of our lives. They each have very strong personalities, which is why they were each eager to participate in my interviews for the blog. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.

They’re also really excited because they got to try Kroger’s new pet food line called #Luvsome, for free, simply because I have this here blog called The Kitten Kitchen. We’ll get more into that later. Let’s enjoy some Q&A with a cat named Eleanor RigbyCat, top left in the photo below.

LUVSOME Promotion | Win a $50 Kroger Gift Card | The Kitten Kitchen

Q: State your name for the record, please.
A: Eleanor RigbyCat. And you are Captain Obvious. You just stated my name in the paragraph above. Sheesh. This is going to be a long interview.

Q: Chill, little girl. What are some of your favorite activities?
A: Sleeping, throwing up, blocking Chris from getting anywhere near you and obviously hating the three other disgusting boys that live here. Four, if you count Chris.

Q: Do you have any nicknames? If so, what are they?
A: Well, seeing that you are crazy and can’t just call me by my lawfully given name, of course I have nicknames. Where do I even begin? Ellie, Ells, Ellers, Riggs, Rigsby, Riggers, Rigsies, Buggs, Booshy, RiggaRoo, Ellie Roo, Rooby, Roobers, Roobs, Kitsies…ugh. This is disgusting. My name is Eleanor RigbyCat. Just call me Eleanor RigbyCat in this interview. Don’t embarrass me.

Q: I can’t help it you’re so freakin’ cute. Alright, I’ll try not to embarrass you. Next question. What’s your favorite food?
A: Wet food. I love the stuff. Know what else I love? That I can eat it and 10 minutes later throw it up on purpose so that you can have something useful to do.

Q: Thanks. So what did you think about that #LUVSOME canned cat food you tried last week?
A: Well, I thought it was pretty dang delicious, and it was nice of you to let me have some, considering I’m mostly on a bland, disgusting diet because of my kidney disease. I guess I should thank you for that small treat. But I won’t. Next question.

Q: Is there a famous cat that you view as a role model?
A: Hilarious. I think you should ask the famous cats why they are always trying to be like me.

Q: Anything else you want the audience to know?
A: While I do have an attitude, I also have one heck of a purr motor and wet nose. I like to use these things to get you to pay attention to me, and it always works. I have you eating out of the palm of my paw at all times of the day. And it’s pretty nice—because you’re my best friend and we were made for each other. Okay. Sappiness over. Give me more of that canned food.

And there you have it. That was Eleanor RigbyCat doing what she does best—pretending to have an attitude. She did love the canned #LUVSOME food (especially licking up the gravy), so that’s why if you have a cat or dog friend, we’d like you to enter to win a chance to get some free #LUVSOME loot too! I have two switch kits to give away to two lucky readers! Inside each is a $50 Kroger gift card and a coupon to try LUVSOME dog or cat pet food for free. The more tasks you complete in the raffle box below, the more entries you get!

If you decide to try #LUVSOME and share about it on your social networks, be sure to use the hashtag #LUVSOME on all posts—the brand will donate a bowl of food to the Best Friends Animal Society!


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Next week we’ll meet Maxwell EdisonCat. Prepare to be floored.

Disclaimer: Though LUVSOME provided me with free food, a Kroger gift card and some cat-inspired loot, the opinions of Eleanor RigbyCat and mine are our own. I would never dream of speaking on Ellie’s behalf. She’d bite me, dudes. 

21 Comments on Meet Eleanor RigbyCat, Plus Enter to Win $50 From Kroger & Free LUVSOME Pet Food

  1. hilarious! Someday I hope to meet Ms. Eleanor RigbyCat. Our kitty, Huckleberry, loves his nicknames just as much. Huck (duh), Hucklebabes, Hucklebutt, Poop Foot, Poopy Pants, Sir Poops-a-Lot, Mr. Peebody, Mr. Fluff Stuff, Rottens, Rotten Totten, and the list goes on…

  2. My kitty witty is so spoiled, he does not like me touching any other pets nor does he want anyone else to close to me or touching me. He is so spoiled when I am out in the garden he jumps in front of me, walks all over my flowers and even lay on them sometimes. He will do this until I stop what ever I am doing and rub on him.

  3. Alright, so here’s the 411 on my pets.

    Our oldest cat is a male siamese-tabby mix named Starbuck (after Battlestar Galactica’s Kara Thrace, not the coffee). He became part of my family after my mom found him in a dumpster at her work. A cat had a litter of kittens and then abandoned them :(. Nobody else would take Starbuck because he was so mean and would spit at everyone who tried to touch him. I almost named Pho, after the dilophosaurus, because that’s the little spitting dinosaur in Jurassic Park. He’s pretty happy to be named after his favorite character on his favorite show, though. He’s 3 years old now. He’s still a little crazy, a little cross-eyed every once and a while and he LOVES people and nutritional yeast. His favorite person is my boyfriend, Josh, and he loves to snuggle with Josh and suck on Josh’s shirt. He’s a weird cat. His favorite activity is chasing the red dot and biting me.

    Our other kitty is Waffles. He is a male tuxedo cat. I let Josh name him. Waffles is a little over a year old, and I adopted him at the Boone County Animal Shelter. I knew he belonged in our family, because his description said that he was found in a dumpster JUST LIKE HIS BROTHER. They were meant to be family, garbage-pail-kittens… Waffles is a bit neurotic about food and likes to comb the floors of our house seeing what he can ingest. Consequently, we’ve never been more careful. Waffles also loves me more than any other human in the world and likes to clean my hair. When he can’t get my attention, he engages in displacement behaviors. His most famous incidents have been eating my bra strap while I was getting ready to go somewhere. We were able to get him to the vet ASAP, and he had a $200 barf. The other incident happened while we were sleeping. Waffles decided to eat a hoodie string off of a hoodie I left out (d’oh!). I didn’t notice until he puked up a good portion of it the next day, and then he just kept getting sick, so he had to have an emergency surgery and wear a cone of shame for two weeks. His favorite activity is to jump in the bathroom sink and turn the handles to get a little kitty shower.

    • Oh! And the nicknames.

      Starbuck: Starbuckoo, Starbuckle, Starbuckra (when he’s being bad and deserves a bad name), Starby, Starbutt, Fartbuck

      Waffles: Wurflers, Waffle Bear, Wurflybear, Baby Waffles

    • I loved reading this! Waffles seems very similar to my tuxedo cat, George. George likes to eat anything that is on the floor. I constantly chase after him when I see him chewing on something. Why are they so weird!? And baby kitties shouldn’t be in dumpsters. I’m glad you found them. You’re awesome!

  4. I have Sammy and Eli
    My two boys like LuvSum! Sammy is a Maine Coon and he is a character, always into something and Eli acts like a wise old man. Eli came from my father’s farm and Sammy was a rescue. They both like to sleep on my chest, gets a little crowded.

    • I know all about the crowded chest thing. And of course if you’re uncomfortable, you just have to deal with it because you don’t want to disturb them! Thank you for visiting the site and entering!

  5. I have a Maine Coon cat named Bugsy. We got him from a rescue and have had him about 3 years. We think he’s about 6 years old. He’s a real character, but doesn’t play well with others, so he will probably remain an only cat!

    • Eleanor RigbyCat is similar in that she doesn’t play well with others either. She keeps to herself while the boys play ALL DAY. Funny how they have such distinctive personalities, isn’t it? Thank you for visiting and entering!

  6. I have the most amazing cat named Buddy. He’s so good with my 7 year old daughter . She calls him her baby and he had no problem being her baby.

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