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My name is Daniele Cusentino, and I live in Covington, Kentucky, right across the river from the Queen City of Cincinnati. I moved out of my mom and dad’s house when I was 30 years old (yes, you read that correctly), and so began my love affair with cooking in a large kitchen, all my own.

I have a husband named Chris (who is my photographer sometimes), a daughter named Maria, plus three cats, all named after something Beatles-inspired: Maxwell EdisonCat, George MartinCat and Desmond JonesCat. My love for kitties and cooking is what inspired the blog name. Though I own enough of it, I do not cook with cat hair.

The purpose of starting this blog is mostly to keep track of what I make, and whether or not it sucks, but hopefully someone else will get some joy out of it too.

You can reach me at thekittenkitchen@gmail.com, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading!


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